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Who Are We?

DPS AMC is an Association Management Company based in Chicago. We are a team of trusted experts who can help reduce costs, lower risks, improve efficiencies, meet tight deadlines, solve challenging problems, support strategic initiatives, and produce better outcomes.  See the list of our clients.

"DALS is fortunate to be working with DRI Professional Services (DPS). The attendee experience at DALS has improved greatly and we are well positioned to grow exponentially because of the time, dedication and experience of our team at DPS. Because we use DPS for DALS we are able to allocate our time and resources where it matters most."

-Al Parnell, Defense Asbestos Litigation Seminar (DALS)

How do you know if professional services is right for your organization?

There are a number of things to consider—for example there might be a need for new technologies, event planning, strategic planning, marketing assistance, accounting resources and so on. The goal of DPS is only to provide resources to facilitate growth and drive action in your organization—the desire to take current efforts from good to great! DPS will tailor a plan for your organization that meets your specific needs.

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